Protection requirements for distribution boxes

- Feb 19, 2019-

The distribution box is required to operate under the condition of three levels of pollution, that is, the protection level of the distribution box reaches IP3X. For all steel plates and steel plates, the steel must be degreased, derusted and phosphatized before spraying. Other metal parts should have anti-corrosion ability, otherwise it must be treated with anti-corrosion measures. All insulation in the distribution box must be self-extinguishing material. The distribution box must carry out various electrical performance inspections and experiments in accordance with GB05171-1992 and relevant national standards and standards, and some manufacturers provide various inspections, experimental data and effective inspection and experimental reports to Party A's supervision. After the equipment enters the site, the handover test shall be carried out according to the electrical equipment installation engineering electrical equipment handover test standard (GB50150). Other electrical properties of the distribution box not mentioned should meet the "Code for Acceptance of Building Electrical Engineering Quality"

All components in the box shall be selected in strict accordance with the contract and the drawings provided by us. If there is any change, we will notify you separately. The auxiliary devices not specified on the drawings shall be qualified products of the manufacturers that have obtained the certificate. All components on the product should be guaranteed to meet the performance requirements of the product. The manufacturer also provides the certificate of origin of the component, supplier qualification, specification model, breaking capacity of the circuit breaker, and proof of electromagnetic leakage protector. The components should be fastened in the installation of the box, no slipping or damage to the plating, and the anti-loose measures and fasteners are fully equipped.

All boxes shall be soldered with a main grounding terminal on the box structure. The main grounding terminal shall be matched with the maximum grounding conductor in the grounding box, and the grounding terminal symbol required by the specification shall be required at the grounding terminal, and the busbar of the grounding system shall be protected. It should be made of yellow-green and marked with PE letters in the full-length range. The box should be equipped with special grounding bolts with a diameter of not less than 6mm.