Power Security Knowledge

- Apr 04, 2019-

More and more companies are only focus on money

But pay attention to the issue of enterprise electricity safety less

When an accident occurs, it is too late to repent

As a conscience factory, we should be

 Prevented problems before it happens

Use the enterprise current correctly

Take protective measures and emergency plans




First of all

Enterprises need to pay attention to the following safety issues:


Don't move or repair the electrical equipment

 in the workshop without permission



It has to be intact for

the frequently used distribution box

Switch , socket and wire equipment

Do not be damaged or

the main component parts of product without protection



Do not use the fuse instead of copper wire

Keep the cover of the knife switch and magnetic switch intact

To prevent arcing when short circuit

Or the fuse blows and splashes



Check the protective grounding and neutral connection equipment of electrical equipment frequently

Make sure the connection is firm.



When moving electrical equipment, such as lights

Must be cut off the power first

Protect the wire

To avoid damage or breakage



When using a hand-held electric tool such as a power drill

Leakage protectors must be installed

The user should be stand on the insulation board

Wear insulating gloves for operation

To prevent the wire from being pulled off when moving the tool

An electric shock has occurred



The power must be cut off when the equipment is repaired

And put warning signs in obvious places

"No closing, people working."

Or install the necessary signaling devices




Conduct electricity safety education for employees regularly

Use all kinds of safety equipment correctly

Or take various emergency measures for electric shock 


Installation of leakage switch

When the device is leaking, short-circuiting, overloading or electric shock

Cut off the power automatically

Protect equipment and personnel



Take good electrostatic protection measures

Flammable and explosive articles are prohibited 

To put near electrical equipment

No sundries in the fire escape

Lightning arresters shall be installed on outdoor electrical equipment

Enterprises may also adopt electromagnetic shielding devices

Reduce the harm of electromagnetic equipment



The enterprise cuts off the power regularly after work

After being checked by security personnel, you can get off work.

Maintenance of internal electrical equipment regularly

Old equipment is replaced regularly as well.



Establish and improve the responsibility system for electricity safety

Increase protection investment

Perfect the software and hardware equipment of construction electricity

Strictly follow the safety rules of enterprise electricity

Not overloaded with electricity


"Electricity" can bring wealth to enterprises

But can also bring you disaster

Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electric Co., Ltd.

Give some advice to you

Pay attention to electricity safety

It Is the responsibility of the company

Promoting safety education

It Is the obligation of the company too

Everything in the world has a double nature

Things can do what you use

But things can also be used against you.

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