P Series Rose Gold Switch & Socket

- Oct 12, 2019-

P Series Rose Gold Switch & Socket

P series rose gold switch and socket 1

It is different from the traditional definition of gold, combined with the trend of elements to refresh the public aesthetic, it is rose gold. A low-key, luxurious and tasteful hue. From its romantic name alone, it can lead to countless wonderful associations.
JUNON Electric integrates it with the product, then the P series rose gold is born.


Personalized construction

Light luxury rose gold, all-match fashion. Unique and tasteful, gold powder paint is bright and beautiful.

Medium-panel switch button design, comfortable touch, the button is silvery, greatly improving the user experience.

With the night indicator light, the night is still clearly visible, not dazzling and affecting sleep.

Wide spacing design, ensures that both the two pin socket and three pin socket can be used simultaneously, easily responding to multiple user needs.

The socket adopts a safety protection door structure, anti-electric shock design, and protects the safety of electricity for children and family.


Rigorous selection of materials

High quality PC frame, flame retardant, no discoloration, not easy to deform and durable.

The base integrated design, selected PA66 nylon material, flame retardant, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, arc resistance, high insulation and convenient installation.

P series rose gold switch and socket 2


High-end details

The integrated socket design, the temperature rise of the current-carrying element is low, and is safe and durable. The product has a long service life.

The arc type U-shaped terminal has a large wiring space and can accommodate two 4-square wires at the same time.

The switch adopts silver tin oxide contact, which has strong over-power capability and small temperature rise.

Large electrical clearance can effectively reduce arcing and eliminate fire hazards.

P series rose gold switch and socket 3


P Series Rose Gold

Low-key yet luxurious • Gorgeous yet stylish

Enhance the taste of the home • Indispensable to its embellishment

P series rose gold switch and socket 4

There is a kind of exquisite life, decoration has a style called luxury, JUNON P series rose gold switch & socket, to meet your infinite association, let the home more romantic and sentiment, so that life is more refined and tasteful.