Note on wall switch position

- Jul 21, 2020-

Note on wall switch position


The installation position of wall switch is closely related to the living habits of people. If you don't plan well in advance, then later rework will be very troublesome.

The lower edge of the switch is about 140cm from the ground, which is within reach and easy to use. Switch lateral distance door cover or wall side 15cm, the height of the whole house switch as far as possible to keep consistent, so designed, people will feel the same use!


Generally, the switch is opened and closed with the opposite hand, and the right hand is more than the left hand. So, the switch in the general home is mostly installed in the left side of the door, so convenient after taking the door open with the right hand, accord with behavior logic. But there are premises, and you have to make sure that these premises are true:


(1) The opening direction of the door adjacent to this switch is on the right.


(2) The height of furniture before the door switch (the home with shoes, storage cabinets, sundry cabinets, etc., should not be wider than or higher than the switch, which will bring inconvenience to daily use)


(3) Generally, it is recommended to use the door switch with LED indicator light to provide convenience for night use. Otherwise, feel for the switch in the dark, the wall beside the switch will be dirty for a long time. And groping to open the light, always give timid MM took a lot of psychological pressure. For example, in the porch, the installation of LED indicator switches, users can easily enter the door to control the porch, the light in the living room.


From the point of view of convenience, the bedroom double-control switch can be installed above the bedside cabinet, about 80CM from the ground, that is, about 30CM above the bedside cabinet.

Note on wall switch position