Mechanical requirements for the distribution box.

- Feb 17, 2019-

The door and door of the distribution box must have the same gap between the door and the casing. The gap is less than 1mm. When the length of the joint is more than 1m, the uniform difference is not more than 1.5mm. The nameplate of each distribution box must use a metal nameplate. The nameplate contains at least six product names, models, manufacturer names, main technical parameters, factory numbers, and production dates. The nameplate should be fixed at the obvious part of the front panel. The specific position should be beautiful and reasonable, and the fixing requirements should be firm. The box must be attached with the main circuit diagram, system diagram, schematic diagram, and secondary control diagram. The parameters in the circuit diagram are required to be consistent with the physical object, and must be plasticized, and embedded with a 2mm thick flame-retardant transparent plate.

The welding and bolting of the distribution box shall be firm, the welds shall be uniform, smooth, without welding, welding, and venting; the connection of the bolts shall be flat, spring washers, and exposed buckles 2-4 buckles. The internal parts of the distribution box and the edge of the opening should be smooth and smooth, free of burrs and cracks. The moving parts of the box are flexible, and the coating or plating should not be damaged during the opening and closing process. The opening angle is not less than 90 degrees, the door lock is dark, the door lock should be firm and reliable, and there should be no obvious shaking after locking. The hinge is made of metal chrome. When the door length is more than 1.2 meters, there are three hinges. When it is less than 1.2 meters, two hinges are used. The hinge should have sufficient load-bearing capacity. When the load is four times (not less than 10kg), it will not be permanent. The deformation.

The thickness of the steel plate used for the distribution box body is not less than 1.5mm, and the thickness of the distribution box body is not less than 2.0mm. The thickness of the steel plate door and steel plate is not less than 2.0mm. The thickness of the back plate is not less than 3.0 mm. The rails must be strong and the structure of the distribution box should be complete and sturdy. At the same time, two receiving ears are welded on the lower left corner and the upper right corner of the back of the non-floor power distribution box. The receiving ears are made of 40*4 flat steel, and the length of the flat steel is 10cm. The connection and assembly position of the electrical components inside the box are reasonable. The number, size and shape of the reserved holes in the inlet and outlet lines and the installation method of the box must meet the requirements of the national standard, atlas and the specific parameters of the design drawings. The reserved inlet and outlet openings or knockouts shall have corresponding seals to ensure that the three-stage sealing requirements are met after the inlet and outlet are assembled.