LJ series switch & socket • bezel-less light switch

- Apr 19, 2019-

Growth requires a footprint

To record the beauty

The footprint

It has also become a witness to the development of the times


As people grow

Just witnessed the progress of the society




And the growth of JUNON light switch

Also just witness the development of this industry


Now I'm curious

How does the JUNON light switch grow?

At first

Development and popularization of nail switch

It brings new experiences to people's life

1 gang 1 way switch 


Experienced the hone of time and market feedback

It found the bad touch of nail switch

Then a big button switch was developed

switch white 


As people's pursuit gradually increased

Also pay more attention to the appearance of the switch

Big key switch

It's no longer in line with their aesthetic


Very large button switch is available

switch supplier 


For the pursuit of man is inexhaustible

So we can only make progress

Make more compelling products


As JUNON electric will be available

LJ series bezel-less light switch


Inherited the advantages of large button switch

Meet market demand

Bezel-less design

Rich in minimalist aesthetics

Is one of the products to look forward to

LJ series bezel-less light switch 


Anyway, it will be interesting

If you want to know more about LJ series light switch

Please follow the website of JUNON :