Light strip wiring teaching

- Jul 31, 2020-

Light strip wiring teaching


This issue of JUNON School will teach you how to install the light strip.
Before wiring, please note: the light belt should be installed in a place where children can’t reach.

Wiring diagram

1, Cut the light strip
Find the place where the logo of the plug and scissors are printed, according to the principle of one meter one cut, intercept the corresponding number of meters according to the actual needs. Cut neatly from 4 tin points to keep the surface of the light strip flat.


2, Connect the plug
Push the end of the light strip with the plug logo along the plug at an oblique angle of 45 degrees, so that the pin of the plug is aligned with the tin point of the light strip. When the pin of the plug is fully in contact with the tin point, buckle the plug, and then turn on the light strip.

Light strip wiring teaching 2


3, connect the “middle connect”

Take one “middle connect”, and then place the two lamp strips end to end, one end must be marked with a plug and another end no mark. Invert the “middle connect”, put the light belt at a 45-degree angle in it, and then put another light belt in it, buckle it to fix it. Turn on the light belt, and check whether the whole roll of light belt is fully lit.

Note: Only two lamp strips with the same specifications and the same voltage can be connected in series with each other, and the length of the series connection is generally not more than 100 meters.

Light strip wiring teaching 3


4, Install the tail plug of lamp strips

After wiring, for safety, install a tail plug at the end of the lamp strips to prevent leakage, or accidental contact may cause a safety accident. Put the light strip directly into the tail plug indoors; if outdoors, apply waterproof glue evenly to the PVC tail plug, and then insert the light strip into the tail plug, after checking the tail plug is firm, power on and light up.

Light strip wiring teaching 4


5, Install and fix
Light strips can be installed in metal grooves, plastic grooves, and concealed buckles. The position of the grooves must be fixed before installation, and the position of the buckles must be determined in advance. Plastic buckles are used every 30 cm and fixed with screws. After fixing, turn on the Light strips to confirm the overall effect.

Light strip wiring teaching 5