LED Downlight & LED Spotlight

- Jun 17, 2020-

LED Downlight & LED Spotlight


Today, we are going to talk something about the LED downlight and LED sportlight.

Down lights and spotlights look similar in appearance, but they are different in many ways. What exactly is the difference between them?

With the use of small, variable-shape LEDs as light sources, down lights and spotlights have evolved into integrated fixtures. Once it becomes a light fixture, it must be considered from both dimensions and light effect.

LED downlight and LED spotlight 1


Downlight: A small light fixture that shines vertically downwards

Spotlight: The directional light fixtures converge to a small area and play an important role in lighting. 

LED downlight and LED spotlight 2


2 Light:

When it is no longer excessively pursuing uniform illumination like “a house is full of lights ”, downlights and spotlights have embarked on a “wider stage” from the “previously popular” “rectilinear edge ceilings” to provide home furnishing. The level of texture in the light, the creation of atmosphere, the emphasis on the highlights, the reduction of the details of the quality, and even uniform lighting.

In order to provide these different lighting scenes for life, it is necessary to perform fine control over the light. The luminaire is realized by the property of “beam angle”.

In terms of light, down lights and spotlights do not have obvious boundaries, and they are planned for applications with degrees of beam angle.

Narrow Beam 15°

LED downlight and LED spotlight 3

Flood Beam 37°

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