LED Bulb Peoduct Features

- Jan 27, 2021-

LED Bulb Peoduct Features

LED Bulb peoduct features

1. Convenient

It can directly replace the existing energy-saving lamps and ordinary bulbs with the same interfaces as E27, E14, GU10 and B22, without making any changes, without the help of any technical personnel or professionals, and by reading our instructions in detail, DIY can easily change from ordinary lighting to LED lighting.


2. Safety

The temperature of ordinary energy-saving lamps will be about 60-80℃, while the temperature of ordinary incandescent lamps is higher (80-120℃), and they will be scalded if touched accidentally.

The bulb lamp uses LED as the light source, with professional heat dissipation structure, the working temperature is very low (40-60℃), even if it is caught on the hand will not be scalded.

The material of energy-saving lamps and ordinary bulbs is glass, which is easy to be broken when collided with hard objects, causing permanent damage and cannot be used, and it will be cut by the glass if you are not careful.

The bulb is a professionally designed shell, and the lamp shell is made of PC/acrylic die-casting material. The LED of the light source part is also made of special materials with earthquake resistance and fall resistance (the lens part is made of the most advanced soft lens forming technology at present), and its lampshade is acrylic material, which is not easy to cause cuts even if broken.


3, energy saving

(1) The power of ordinary bulbs varies from 20W-100W, while the power of energy-saving lamps varies from 5W-65W;

The bulb uses LED as the light source, and the power only needs 0.8W-12W to replace the ordinary bulb of 15W-100W and the energy-saving lamp of 5W-50W. It can be seen that the power ratio of LED bulb and ordinary bulb and energy-saving lamp can reach 1:10.


(2) ordinary bulbs and energy-saving lamps work at very high temperature (80-120℃), and energy-saving lamps emit spectrum contains IR(infrared), the content of ordinary bulbs is higher, a large number of use of the ambient temperature will be significantly increased, if it is in summer significantly increased the workload and time of refrigeration equipment, the final result is an increase in power consumption;

Ball bulb use LED as light source, LED by the spectrum of IR (infrared) composition, and the overall structure USES the heat dissipation structure of professional design, normal temperature only 40 to 60 ℃ at work, even if a large number of use, also far than the ordinary light bulbs and energy-saving lamps produced by the lower temperature, if it is in summer significantly reduce the workload of the refrigeration equipment and time, coupled with the use of power difference (1:10), the result is relative to reduce power consumption and save the expenses, eventually embodies the ball bubble of energy-saving.