Learn what's in the lighting distribution box

- Oct 09, 2018-

Have you learned what components are in the distribution box? Today, Haolang distribution box manufacturers Xiaobian will share with you. There are only three things in the distribution box - the terminal block, the circuit breaker and the wires. The terminal block is installed at the bottom end, the upper end or both sides. In short, it is installed side by side. Each terminal block has one incoming line and multiple outgoing lines. There are one or two (at least one and no more than two) in the general distribution box.

Circuit breakers, also known as switches, are commonly known as electric switches. However, if the electric switch is not like that, it is only responsible for the circuit. Today's circuit breakers provide a number of circuits that provide protection in addition to switching. The basic protection has overload protection and short circuit protection (strictly speaking, short circuit is a special form of overload. But the circuit breaker treats the two differently, so we separate the two), and by adding accessories, we can have Leakage protection and overvoltage protection. The electric wire is divided into the household line, the wiring inside the box and the outlet.

There is at least one terminal block in each distribution box. The name of this terminal block is called “ground row”. As the name suggests, it is connected to the grounding device, and the ground wire of the home is drawn from the terminal block. The incoming line of the ground row is the ground wire in the home line. The outlet line has just said that it is all the ground wires of the home. The other terminal block is called "zero row", and the one that leads out from here is the zero line. However, the zero-row incoming line is not the entry line. The neutral line in the incoming line must be connected to the main switch, and then from the main switch's outgoing line to the zero-row line. When the main switch is disconnected, the zero-row is in the open circuit state. . The zero row only provides the neutral line for the 1P circuit breaker, and the zero line of the circuit controlled by other circuit breakers is directly discharged from the lower port of the circuit breaker. The specific content we will talk about later. Why is the zero line optional? Because if there is no 1P circuit breaker in each branch circuit breaker, we don't need this zero row. The difference between the zero row and the ground row is: the zero row is straight. When connecting, two insulated terminals should be added between the zero row and the bottom of the distribution box; the ground row is U-shaped and directly fixed to the distribution box. On the bottom plate.