Knowledge of switch socket and electrician

- Sep 18, 2020-

Knowledge of switch socket and electrician


Explanation of common terms used by electricians:

Power consumption: The electrical power consumed by electrical appliances in unit time, it is a value equivalent to the power of the appliance is multiplied by the unit hour, usually in "kilowatt hours (kWh)". For example, a lamp with a power of 25W consumes one kWh of electricity after 40 hours of use.


Electric clearance: the shortest distance between the two contact terminals of the switch. In switch products, the normal electrical clearance D is not less than the national standard 3mm. When the electrical clearance is smaller than the national standard, there must be “m” mark on the switch & socket.


Large electrical clearance, safer to use

All electrical products will inevitably have arcs in normal use. Most electrical fires are caused by arcs. Smaller electrical clearance is more likely to cause arcs. The state stipulates that electrical clearance should not be less than 3mm. The electrical clearance of the static and dynamic contacts of JUNON's products is as high as 5mm or more, which effectively reduces the arc generation during the instant on-off process, and further improves the safety performance.


Electric leakage: Electric leakage is caused by a certain potential difference between the electrical appliance shell and the live wire of the mains after being connected for some reason and the ground. The human body will have a strong feeling when the leakage current is 2-3mA, and the human body will be life-threatening when the leakage current is 10mA.


Electric arc: When two electrodes are close to a certain distance, the continuous spark discharge caused by the breakdown of air. Arcs are generally only generated at the moment of switch on and off. All mechanical switches generate arcs. Only materials and structures can reduce the probability and size of arcs. During the disconnection process of the switch, due to the movement of the movable contact, the switch contact gap becomes a current channel, and the medium (air) between the contact gaps is broken down to form an arc. The smaller the contact distance between the movable and static contacts, the easier it is to produce arcs.


Creepage distance: the sum of the space distance between two conductive parts and the distance along the insulating surface.


Mechanical life: Refers to the number of operating cycles that an electrical appliance can achieve without current flow, repair, or replacement of mechanical parts.


Electrical life: Refers to the number of cycles of on-off operation that an electrical appliance can achieve when the current is connected with load, without repair and mechanical parts replacement.


More basic knowledge of switch & socket, see you next time.