JUNON V20 series multimedia box --- Deluxe Version compare with the Regular Version

- May 02, 2019-

JUNON V20 series multimedia box ---

Deluxe Version compare with the Regular Version 

multimedia box 

Let’s start with the similarities

V20 series multimedia box, deluxe version and regular version material is the same,and the water level meter, the new ONU turntable, a light fusion disk, and a WIFI antenna external hole, and for the same module box, box size and knocking hole size are the same.





But two things are different

1.Built-in plastic turnstile

Uses imported PC material, the porous design is conducive to the diffusion of Wifi

signals and the temperature releasing of the box. It can also easily accommodate

and organize internal equipment to facilitate the external connection of modern

and routers

multimedia box 

2. Interior smart cooling fan

When the multimedia box is running at high temperature, it will seriously affect the service life of the product. It will also affect the stability of the protector’s performance, the reliability of actions, and the accuracy of measurement. The smart fan can automatically adjust the temperature in the box. When the temperature is higher than 40 centigrade, the smart fan will automatically open to help the box to heat up. Conversely, if the temperature is lower than 40 centigrade, it will automatically stop working. Smart fan settings can keep the temperature in the box 40 centigrade, even if the weather is hot, it can ensure that all the skills in the multimedia box are running normally.

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For these two functions, no matter for dimension or for material, deluxe version is better than the regular edition

From the advantage point of view, the deluxe version is better than the regular version of the heat dissipation function, indirectly extended the service life of the modules.


These above is the JUNON V20 multimedia box


The difference between the deluxe and the regular version is that deluxe version is literally

what deluxe is. The real deluxe is to use it to give customers a sense of deluxe.

So true deluxe is not determined by price, but by quality and functionality, as is the JUNON V20 multimedia box


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