JUNON V20 Multimedia Cabling Box -- Fiber-optic fusion disc

- Dec 16, 2019-

JUNON V20 Multimedia Cabling Box -- Fiber optic fusion disc


Technological innovation has prompted us to enter the era of data flow. Home broadband is from scratch and network speed is from limited to unlimited.


Optical fiber is popular for its wide channel, large capacity, light weight, strong anti-interference ability, high fidelity, and reliable working performance. However, its loss is also the focus of attention: when the fiber is bent, the light in part of the fiber will be lost due to scattering, resulting in loss. Or loss caused by slight bending when pressed. Therefore, everyone loves and hates it.


Although the loss of the optical fiber is unavoidable, we can set a shelter for it and try to reduce its loss as much as possible.
What kind of "housing place" is suitable for optical fiber?


Optical fiber is more commonly used in network communication equipment, so it often appears in multimedia wiring box. In addition, there are many lines in the box. Once the optical fiber cable is bent or squeezed, the entire cable is scrapped. In response to the above problems, JUNON engineers set up fiber-optic fusion disc in the new V20 multimedia cabling box.

JUNON V20 multimedia cabling box--fiber optic fusion disc 1

In addition to being convenient for splicing optical fibers, the arc-shaped design is convenient for optical fiber cable winding without loss of optical fibers; it can also consume excess optical fibers, killing two birds with one stone.


The Fiber-optic fusion disc is convenient for the user to lead the cable into the optical modem and keep the optical fiber winding continuously, which is also its advantage.

JUNON V20 multimedia cabling box--fiber optic fusion disc 2

But not all multimedia cabling boxes have fiber-optic fusion disc, and many simple-equipped multimedia cabling boxes on the market do not. JUNON Company as a minded company, user trouble is the problem we really need to solve.

JUNON V20 multimedia cabling box--fiber optic fusion disc 3

The new V20 series multimedia wiring box can easily solve the user's fiber-optic cable troubles, allowing you to swim in the Internet ocean at ease. Please rest assured that we will guard your fiber optic cable.