JUNON, the switch socket supplier teaches you how to inspect a new house

- May 21, 2019-

JUNON, the switch socket supplier teaches you how to inspect a new house


To adapt to this fast-paced society. Nowadays a lot of people prefer to buy the hardcover room. Rather than a rough house, it is more convenient.

Users only need to buy furniture then can live in directly, although the hardcover room is convenient. But be sure to check below five points carefully before you accept the house, don't sign on the contract so easily.

JUNON, the switch socket supplier now is teaching you how to inspect a new house:

No 1. Door and window inspection

Open and close the door repeatedly to check whether it is tight, test the window tightness with paper. And test it be flexible when opening and closing, the most important thing is to check the firmness.

No 2. The wall and floor tile inspection

Knock the four corners of wall brick and floor tile with hammer to see if empty drum. Check whether the ground drainage slope flows to floor drain, and no flooding, no water 24 hours water storage test without leakage.

No.3 Oil worker inspection

Shine a cellphone torch on the latex paint, look for any air bubble scratches on the surface. Also check the painted top and walls, whether the appearance of peeling, powder, crack phenomenon.

No 4. Waterway inspection

Check washbasin whether is firm or not, tank full of water to see the rate of water. Drain the drain and see if the drain is blocked, whether the interval between hot and cold water pipes is more than 15 cm. Floor drain should be slightly below ground level, repeatedly fill the water and discharge it to see if it is unblocked

No.5 Circuit inspection

Check the electrical outlet in the whole house, such as switch socket, distribution box, breaker and so on. Whether the plug is normal, switch off to see if the branch line is fully controlled. Pay attention to the switch socket and distribution box and other electrical equipment.

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