JUNON, the distribution box supplier teaches you how to choose the real products?

- May 31, 2019-

JUNON, the distribution box supplier teaches you how to choose the real products?

Nowadays, fake goods are rampant and the imitation is superb, it is really easy to get into the pit without careful inspection. A few days ago, the 315 international consumer rights day conference exposed some unscrupulous suppliers who do everything to make money, and destroyed a large number of fake goods successfully and completed the mission of fighting against fake goods.


Facing the rampant counterfeiting, we in addition to the protection of our own rights and interests, the fight against counterfeiting, but also through our own observation, we can avoid the fake goods.

Today, JUNON, the one of the biggest supplier of distribution box, teaches you how to choose the real products!

1. We have to check the company's full name, and do not miss any small details, our company's full name is "Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd”. And those "XXX city JUNON" "JUNON XXX" switch socket is not our manufacturers, please pay attention. So please do not buy the fake switch socket, distribution box or other electrical goods from such counterfeiters.

2. Our trademark is uncle helmet pattern +JUNON, not the unknown logo, we just need to look for uncle helmet, what a classic shape.

3. There is an anti-counterfeiting QR code on the packaging bag of each our products, which can be scanned by mobile phone WeChat scan, and the company information will be displayed successfully, proving that this product is the product of our JUNON electrical appliances.


Can you GET these skills to avoid buying counterfeits?Go to the proper hardware store at shopping, or the net in that official accredit buys. Don't be blinded by small interests. After all, counterfeiting is also very technical; it's hard to see without a good eye. So keep your eyes open at shopping.


Please select our JUNON switch socket, distribution box, breaker and other electrical products, real material and real goods guarantee!