JUNON teach you the Practical tips for choosing light

- Nov 01, 2019-

JUNON teach you the Practical tips for choosing light


The decoration of the house is about to be completed, and it is anxious to choose the lamp in the lighting market. The various styles are dazzling and we don’t know where to start. This friend said that the brand is good, and that friend said this one has a unique function, and the various opinions are ushered in. But here, JUNON wants to remind everyone that there are a lot of points to be aware of when choosing a luminaire, and don't follow others, a rush to choose the wrong products.



Today, JUNON teaches you some practical tips for choosing a light:

1. Appearance selection
First of all, according to the decoration style of your home to choose the style of the lamp. Generally, the simple decoration room chooses the simple ceiling light with simple structure; the European decoration is suitable for the chandelier candle lamp, etc.; the Chinese decoration is mostly use the Ceiling-type luminaires with lantern or solid wood. However, no matter what kind of decoration style, it is not recommended to select lamps with complicated structures, many parts, and too many lamps (more than ten illuminants), because any lamp will fall into dust, complicated lamp is difficult to clean and maintain the luminaire, and it is not convenient to replace and repair.


2. Choice of light source
The light source is recommended to use energy-saving lamps or LED light sources. Incandescent lamps (including old-fashioned candle lamps) have high power consumption and short life, and are not recommended. Here is a suggestion, it is best to use LED light source is more appropriate, relatively speaking, LED life is longer, the light is softer and energy saving, the damage to the eyes will be much lower. And when you buy a light bulb, you have to know how many watts you have to buy to meet your needs. Usually the lighting of the bathroom is 2 watts per square meter; the restaurant and kitchen are enough for 3 watts per square meter, while the study and living room are larger, requiring 4 watts per square meter. Specific requirements can be found in the table below, or refer to this formula: illuminance = total luminous flux / area * optical loss coefficient.

4 wattages are customized for different room sizes
Suitable for 3-6 square meters nt room sizesSuitable for 5-10 square meters t room sizesSuitable for 7-14 square meters t room sizesSuitable for 9-18 square meters t room sizes


3. The choice of light color.
Also, according to the decoration style of the home, the light color of the lamp is selected, and the white light or the neutral light is used for the simple decoration; the warm decoration is used for the European decoration and the Chinese decoration. However, in the case of the same power, compared with the bright light of white light, the naked eye feels that the warm illuminance is not as strong as white light, and it is a bit dark, so it is recommended that European or Chinese decoration be arranged in white or neutral of spot light or down light source around the warm light. To prevents the illumination from being too low and affects the eyesight.