JUNON teach you how to choose high quality switch & socket?

- Jun 24, 2019-

JUNON teach you how to choose high quality switch & socket?


In this era of technology, mobile devices are essential, and the need for electricity is increasing, so in order to avoid safety accidents, we shall be more careful when choosing the switch and socket.


First of all, before buying switch and socket, we shall do the brand strategy, to choose the old brand which is famous and with much more experience, their products’ quality just has been assured (PS: Please do not buy the product with bad quality but very cheap price, what suffer a loss finally still is you, after all you are those who use, and he is those who earns money. So before purchasing, to do a good strategy is very important.)

JUNON teach you how wo choose high quality switch&socket

Secondly, the appearance level of course shall be considered. Looking at the trends of the day, the big board switch is the trend for 2018. The bezel-less switch socket is with high appearance, large body and comfortable feeling. Although appearance level is very important but the quality cannot be ignored, the surface of the product plastic parts material try to choose high-quality PC, flame retardant not turn yellow easily, long service life, high safety performance.


If there is a fluorescent strip on the switch must to choose the one which is all-inclusive, so that in the dark night can be prepared to find out the exact position of the switch, a key back to light, such a design is very convenient for the elderly to get up at night. If the fluorescence strip is short, it may take time to find the switch.

JUNON teach you how wo choose high quality switch&socket2

If the product can have UV surface treatment, that is better. Because through the UV surface treatment of the product, hardness up to 4H, anti-scratch ability is stronger, not only have decorative effect but also play a protective role. It can kill two birds with one stone.


Except the appearance of products, we also need to pay attention to the internal parts. At present, most terminals in the market are U-shaped terminals, but after a long time of investigation and research, it is found that if the single core wire of 6 square millimeter and 1.5 square millimeters is connected at the same time, the thin wire will be loose, which is a potential safety hazard. After JUNON electrical found this problem, the product used innovative V-shaped  terminal, perfectly solved the problem of the thin line easy loose, wiring is more stable and more secure, so when you choose the switch and socket , have to pay attention to the back side of them , to see if the terminal is U-shaped or V-shaped .


If the product meets the above five requirements, you can basically rest assured to choose, or you can go to see the products of JUNON switch and socket directly, quality assurance.