JUNON switch socket and peer comparison--Material 2

- Jul 15, 2020-

JUNON switch socket and peer comparison--Material 2


For the switch, its main load is lighting products such as electric lamps, especially the current LED lamps, and their starting current is particularly large. Our switches are intended for different lighting products on the market, but these lighting products, some are good, some are bad. The starting current is also high or low. The most problem that the switch needs to overcome is the problem of fusion welding. This is related to the switch contacts.


The switch contacts of JUNON Company are made of silver-nickel alloy material. Silver-nickel alloy overcomes the defects that pure silver is easy to oxidize, soft texture, low melting point, easy to produce arc, and the contact is easy to form needle-shaped due to high temperature. It also takes into account the good conductivity of pure silver. Silver-nickel alloys are environmentally materials.


Some companies may use silver-plated contacts. The silver-plated contacts look the same as pure silver contacts, but during use, the silver-plated layer of the contacts will soften and fall off at high temperatures, which greatly reduce the conductivity. And there will be security risks.

The silver bridge is the key component of the switch. The high-quality switches all use thickened and widened silver-coated copper belt silver bridges. The silver-coated copper belt silver bridge is made by combining silver and hardened copper through advanced equipment. Although the thickened and widened silver-coated copper belt silver bridge increases the material cost, it meets the higher requirements for switches of many high-power lamps in modern families.

We should pay attention that some companies' silver bridges of switch & socket are only electroplated with a layer of silver on copper. The silver layer is very thin and can be hung up with a knife or key. It is not a long time, serious wear and serious oxidation will occur. This phenomenon leads to poor conductivity, and some enterprises use localized silver plating.