JUNON Super Bright LED Ceiling Light

- Jul 18, 2019-

JUNON Super Bright LED Ceiling Light

Walking through the red dust years, found that pure is the most beautiful, seeing the world bustling, finding simplicity is the most real. Countless lights, I found that JUNON Yue Shang series LED ceiling light is trustworthy.

JUNON Super Bright LED Ceiling Light1


Fashionable, price-friendly, cost-effective

Simple White LED ceiling light: smooth surface without any modification, revealing a pure and simple beauty

Silver Moon LED ceiling light: The middle part of the micro-long, surrounded by a single silver side, the side looks like a crescent moon lying on the lake, do not have some affection

Bright Moon LED ceiling light: surrounded by a number of silver edges to modify the smooth surface of the middle, just like the high hanging crescent moon casts a faint silver light on the water surface, which is particularly elegant

Dandelion LED ceiling light: The dandelion print on the lampshade floats in the wind, vivid and vivid, like a vivid painting. The four-sided transparent border is surrounded by a three-dimensional sense.

JUNON Super Bright LED Ceiling Light2


Flower LED ceiling light: The five-leaf plums in various poses are scattered in the lampshade, giving people the illusion of plunging into the sea of flowers. The silver lace is tightly surrounded, noble and generous.

JUNON Super Bright LED Ceiling Light3


Spring Rain LED ceiling light: Transparent N-shaped vertical stripes and irregular three-dimensional dots surround the edge, like the drizzle of spring and the raindrops attached to the window. The center of the lampshade is like a flower that is in full bloom. The spring is full, and when the light is on, there is also a crystal lamp effect, sparkling.


The sense of security is bursting, trusting

Aishi brand electrolytic capacity high-end configuration using a first-line brand power solution

In line with national security standards, use more assured. In addition to containing neutral line, earth line and live line, there are also insulating sheets to effectively prevent leakage


High quality materials, made with heart

1. High-transmission lampshade: adhere to the high-quality optical material PMMA (acrylic A material), good light transmission, light and easy to damage, not yellow and brittle, easy to clean.

2. Thick cold-rolled sheet stamping and forming: the thickness of the ground and the powder spraying process is 0.4mm thick, effectively preventing rust and moisture.

3. Each screw on the site is strictly tested by salt atomization, which is durable and prevents rust from affecting the use.

4. The continuous-formed optical power module refracts light by electrical principle to effectively promote uniform light and dark areas of the light.

5. The lens is made of high quality PC, the light transmittance is up to 93%, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, not easy to yellow.

6. The lens and the grounding PC are integrated to help the heat dissipation of the lamp body and prolong the service life.

7. High-brightness and high-precision light bead, with the most efficient and energy-saving driving scheme, change the most comfortable brightness.



You care for our lives with details, you win our trust with quality. You win our hearts with your appearance, you are relieved, not for anything else. Just because you are, JUNON Yue Shang series LED ceiling light.