Let's know more about Junon's one gang one way wall switch

- Apr 10, 2019-

Look around the house, I don’t know if you find it anywhere. Like the porch, stairway, room, toilet, etc. how much do you know about it?


Who the hell is it? That’s the sense of existence. It is one gang wall switch, a wall switch that is no longer a place to beat. One gang wall switch is more commonly used in control lamps. It is divided into three types: one way control, two way control and multiple control. Each type has its own characteristics and shows different skills.

One gang, also known as single, one button, means that there is a wall switch button on a switch panel. One way, also known as single pole, means that a wall switch button can only control one appliance on other lines.


One gang one way wall switches are the most widely used, and one gang one way wall switches are also welcomed by households, companies, and most user groups because of their convenience of use and installation. The one gang one way wall switch is more commonly used in small-sized houses and is used to control the living room, kitchen, balcony, toilet and other places and offices. Due to the small residential area, so the use of on way wall switch is enough, not only convenient and cost savings.