JUNON’s new product - the YUE SHANG series ceiling light

- May 06, 2019-

It has been said that a carat of diamonds, collectively referred to as broken diamonds, it worthless in diamonds and has no collectible value. It is true that the definition of diamonds can only be determined by number of grams?


No! Diamonds are beautiful and rare, they are symbols of love and fidelity. They represent eternal love.


Diamonds are also the hardest of gems. The ancient Romans always believed that it represented life and eternity. By the 15th century, it was considered to represent the symbol of perseverance and eternal love.


A warm house is made up of love. And love is like a diamond to the home, strong and eternal. Loving her, you cannot send expensive diamonds, why not send her a “crystal stone” ceiling lamp. It is also the transmission of love, so that she is covered by the light of love every day.

diamonds ceiling light 


The new products that JUNON will soon be launched, the YUE SHANG series ceiling light, and the “crystal stone” series also have the same meaning.

Let love envelop home, and happiness shine upon her. This is probably “diamond like” tough love.

Looking forward to the launch of the new product, JUNON takes you to explore the true definition of love.


--- END ---