JUNON RJ series switch & socket makes a different discount

- Jul 29, 2019-

JUNON RJ series switch & socket makes a different discount

Russia's architectural style is like a rainbow, and its various architectures constitute a beautiful landscape in the world.


And its curved building has become a shining highlight on the landscape with its own charm. It is not only a brick wall that passes through the arc, but also a beauty that is hard to find in life.

But with the constant innovation of people's aesthetics, the "arc" beauty was discovered after all.

JUNON RJ series switch & Socket makes a different discount11

JUNON Electric Cleverly applying "arc" to the switch & socket, that created Rj series curved surface switch. Enrich the shape of the switch & socket through its body beautiful, which highlight product features, achieve a comfortable feel, and bring new expressions to users.


It has a refined appearance, high-end quality, and a unique joint design. Easily capture the hearts and minds of consumers and become the leader in the industry.


JUNON decided to hold an offline promotion about the curved switch in Chengdu:


The dazzling array of banners is particularly eye-catching, even the myopic friends know that to buy Rj series products to give the plug, praise!

Look into the store, wow! A row of arc-shaped surface switches are placed on the showcase in a tidy manner, neat and tidy, and there is also some gifts-- “multi-functional movable socket” next to it, which are especially heart-warming.

JUNON RJ series switch & Socket makes a different discount2

Here, JUNON Electric has wished that the Chengdu offline promotion will be successfully held. Thank you for your trust in the JUNON brand for many years. Because of you, JUNON went forward all the way.


The JUNON Rj arc series switch & socket, adhering to the classic European design style, never goes out of fashion, the classic is also eternal.


The personalized curved switch is suitable for the same unique you, you are the one who appreciates it, and it is the eternal muse in your life.


Under the offline promotion event, the JUNON arc switch will bring you a different discount charm. We will wait for you in Chengdu.