JUNON New Switch & Socket Is Launching In June

- Jun 03, 2019-

JUNON New Switch & Socket Is Launching In June

The development of the rocker confirms the progress of the times
It also refreshed people's aesthetic understanding of switches.

Some people like the traditional little button switch.
Some people like the trend big button switch

Diversification of demand to cater for consumers

4 color switch

JUNON switch & socket factory Upgrade and Transformation of Its Popular Products
Meeting the diverse needs of consumers

new switch

New version P series switch

Modification of the original midsize button switch design
Full upgrade button
Significantly increase user perception
Touching is more comfortable, keys are more crisp.

Silver-enclosed Design

etention of silver-enclosed design
The appearance is beautiful and fashionable
Home wear is expensive

In this innovation and transformation process

P series of earth gold, wire steel, platinum
Successfully upgraded to a big button switch

JUNON also divided it into two types.
Stainless steel Black and Stainless steel White

stainless steel BLACK, stainless steel WHITE

Retain the original metallic texture
Innovative Key Tone
Meeting the diverse needs of users

In addition to the P series product appearance upgrade in June
A series of products are also new
For more details, please pay attention to the JUNON switch & socket news

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