JUNON leakage circuit breaker

- Jul 21, 2019-

JUNON leakage circuit breaker


With the advancement of technology, the application of household appliances is more and more extensive. In order to better protect the circuit and personal safety, we need to install leakage circuit breakers, a must-have product for home.


Maybe a lot of people know its existence, but have a little understanding of its understanding. Sometimes when you come into contact with something new, you can't help but want to understand it, just like a leakage circuit breaker, a device that has few chances to get access to it every day, and its curiosity about its principle and wiring is more intense. Let us learn with this curiosity.


Product description

The Leakage circuit breaker is a product that combines the leakage function and the power-off function. It is mainly used in some household or factory electrical equipment to leakage of electricity, circuit breaker and overload protection.


Home safety can’t be ignored, personal safety is more important, leakage circuit breaker is the patron saint of the family, the function is comparable to the doctor, and the speed is lightning fast.



Just like the circuit breakers of JUNON, old brand, full experience, strong power and the most important thing is safety and peace of mind.


This product looks complicated, in fact, the principle knowledge inside is also quite complicated. For the sake of everyone's personal safety, it should be handled by a professional electrician to avoid the risk of electric shock.

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