JUNON diffuse reflection ceiling light

- May 04, 2019-

Today's information technology era

The world is changing

People are also working hard for development

Everything is flying

"Diffuse" does not have to stand still

It can be upgraded

Diffuse reflection is an innovation in technology

Innovation is the pursuit of convenient life

And this pursuit is from the customer's view of consumption

According to market and customer demand

JUNON rolls out new version diffuse reflection ceiling light

Compared with the old diffuse ceiling light

Where is the "new"?


Appearance is upgraded

People rely on clothes,

Buddha rely on gold

The lamp is no exception

New diffuse ceiling light 24W

Launch two new looks

Water lines

(simple, generous and fashionable)

led ceiling light  

The lamp shade frame adopts streamline design

The ripples of water clung to the lampshade

Vivid and fresh and cool

Give a person a kind of purify visual field feeling

Platinum jade

(mysterious, elegant, dignified)

Lamp shade frame adopts JUNON blue element

Show the spirit of JUNON

Platinum jade series on lampshade

Unique pattern design

Add mysterious breath to contracted chimney

When the power is turned on

The pattern is shining in the lamplight

Will appear elegant and tranquil


Pretend bility for the whole room

Suddenly it's different

marvelous, gorgeous, splendid and posh

Low-key, luxurious, but with connotation

About the topic

The new lamp shade is only applicable to 24W


Older lampshades are available in all sizes


There's always one for you


Internal is upgraded

1. Buckle design,For customers to install more convenient,,he original 4 buckle position,Transform into 3 buckle positions



2, LED Integrated with multiple high brightness LED,Form a circular two - color staggered combination,0.5 watt lamp beads are used



Skills upgrading

Highlights of the new diffuse ceiling light

Three color transformation

Depending on the circumstances

Use the switch

Step dimming

Put you in a different environment

Have comfortable light

Protect your eyes

diffuse ceiling light 

Warm white       Neutral White     Cool white

3000k          4000k            6000k

New diffuse ceiling light

Humanized setting

Closer to life

Enjoy different light

The comfortable experience


You don't have to worry about

increasing your visibility anymore

The eyes are tired and dry

Gently press the

Adjust the brightness to suit yourself

Continue on the walk of life

- scene diagram –


Quicken the pace of life

Pace doesn't have to be up to speed

Diffuse reflection "diffuse" life

Feel the world should be wonderful

Discover life and enjoy life

Feel the light bring you thousands of pet

Guangdong Junon songtian electric appliance co. LTD

Speak for your character

-- END --