JUNON A series switch & socket upgrade

- Oct 13, 2019-

JUNON A series switch & socket upgrade


In order to meet the market demand and constantly improve the products, we can occupy a place in the industry. JUNON Electric has been adhering to this belief and carried out a series of upgrades on its products. Today we introduce the A series switch & sockets. Since 1997, it has been selling to the market. After 22 years, it is the first upgrade.

JUNON A series switch and socket upgrade 1

The appearance retains the original ivory white style selection, all-match fashion, pure and flawless, match a variety of decoration styles without any sense of contradiction.

The material is still made of high quality PC, which is flame retardant and does not yellow, and has a long service life.

Innovative internal structure, the original wiring method is changed, the lifting structure increases the wiring space, the wiring is firmer, and the looseness of the wires is reduced.


The integrated design of the frame and the button facilitates the installation of the electrician and improves work efficiency.

JUNON A series switch and socket upgrade 2


The switch was changed from the original 10AX to 16AX; the current connected to the load is larger and safer.


Bracket backseat upgrade integrated design, and the pressure resistance is stronger and it is not easy to be deformed.

JUNON A series switch and socket upgrade 3


Introduced a new type of product, with a USB socket, to meet the diverse needs of users, convenient charging form.

JUNON A series switch and socket upgrade 4


The above is the difference between the new version and the old version of the A series. In fact, the usage and wiring are the same, just to cater to the market and convenient installation, to transform the previously imperfect places. A perfect switch & socket was born.

JUNON A series switch & socket, warm, elegant and simple, I am more perfect after the improvement, the pursuit of hardcover and simple repair you should not miss.