Introduction of the depth of distribution box bottom box

- Oct 03, 2019-

As many plumbers know, the first step in installing a hidden distribution box is to dig a hole in the wall. Workers shall carry out burrowing operations according to the optimum height (1.5 m from the floor) installed in the distribution box.

db box 1

However, we must also pay attention to techniques for digging holes. Before the workers work, they should first use instruments to measure the size of the flush box, and then dig a wall hole slightly larger than the distribution box bottom box. The bottom box is flat or deep on the wall surface 20mm. If it is surface installed distribution box, can be installed directly on the load-bearing wall.

The size of the wall hole is comparable to the size of the bottom box, which facilitates the installation of the bottom box into the hole. It also facilitates the wall to fix the bottom box, prevent the bottom box from being sunken or raised, and affect the beauty and use.

Once the details of the excavation are not paid attention to, the wall hole data does not match the size of the bottom box, and the workers perform Buddhist operations. This will increase their own workload, reduce work efficiency, and damage the owner's time and money, which will not be worth the loss.

db box 2

Because the hole is too large, it is difficult to fix the bottom box after it is installed. The follow-up will also fill in the extra space. In addition to wasting the owner's materials, it also delays the project time.

If the hole is too small, or the width and height do not correspond, the bottom box can not be plugged in. This may take many attempts and waste time. It is better to measure the size and dig more efficiently.

Electricians can not think that they are experienced and ignore the accuracy of the data because each distribution box has different specifications and natural sizes. We should use actual data to solve problems. The technology is also based on data. Without accurate data assistance, the digging technique is only a brute force action.

We take the example of the JUNON V8+ series 16 ways distribution box to teach you how to calculate the size of the wall hole. The bottom box of a V8+ series 16 ways distribution box is 398mm long, 230mm wide and 80mm high. The length and width of the wall hole are the same as those of the bottom box, and the height is within the specified range of 20mm. Therefore, the size of the wall hole should be 398mm long, 230mm wide and 80-100mm high.

db box 3

Details determine success or failure, the size of a bottom box may affect the entire distribution box installation process, so major electricians in the installation of distribution box, must pay attention to this detail!