Introduction of JUNON’s smart cooling fan in media box

- Oct 02, 2019-

Sometimes it's not really the operator's fault for breaking the Internet.

It could be the heat.

A lot of users wonder if it's too hot or not.

What the hell is this?

In fact, the network we use

They're all launched through routers or routing modules.

cooling fan 2

Once the equipment is running too long or the room temperature is too high

It activates an overheated protection mode.

Equipment stopped working

Reboot after cooling

That's why the Internet broke in the summer.

For the above questions

JUNON V20 Deluxe version of the multimedia cabling box was born

It has a built-in smart cooling fan that perfectly solves these problems.

cooling fan 1

When the temperature inside the box exceeds 40 °C

The fan will start on its own and start working.

Heat dissipation keeps the body temperature below 40 °C

When the temperature stabilizes, it stops working.

This cooling fan has two modes that can be adjusted.

They are[on] normal mode and[auto] automatic mode

Smart fan with low power consumption

Don't worry about the electricity bill.

Users can adjust the mode according to their own needs

When the wind blows away, the temperature will keep the network stable.

That's what makes a smart fan so powerful.

Want summer not to break off the net suddenly

Hurry up with the multimedia kit.

If you're lazy

JUNON V20 Deluxe Multimedia box at your service.

Summer wants to live like a fairy.

Smart fan home "box" essential