Installation and application of the waterproof cover

- Apr 12, 2019-

Last week the sun came out and was forced back

Several days of rainy weather was really headachy

The walls were wet with tears



Look carefully,beside the wall of water

The surface of the switch and socket is also wet

Oh My God! How dangerous is that!

Water conducts electricity

Once in contact with the switch socket

There may cause some electrical accidents

Or the rust goes inside of the switch socket

Affect its service life

So waterproof box is very important



Waterproof cover , as the name shows, is used for waterproof and dustproof, mainly used to prevent the water get into the box line, meters, instruments and affect its performance. Switch waterproof cover is applied at kitchen, toilet and the balcony or the switch socket position near the ground. For example, when you put 13A 3 Pin Socket With Switch And Lamp in the kitchen, you can install a waterproof cover to protect it .

As a result of cooking in the kitchen, the surface of the switch and socket can be oily very easily ,then will turn yellow easily, what’s worse, may cause the interior part ageing, and cannot clean casually, affect its looking and using. Therefore, the switch and socket in the kitchen needs to be equipped with a waterproof cover, so that even if there is the grease on the waterproof cover, can be cleaned easily.


The waterproof cover is very importance for the bathroom, because after bathing, the water bead on the wall can flow in the switch and socket easily, not only affect its performance and service life, but also can cause electric shock accident, dangerous level: very high. So it's really necessary for the bathroom.


The Balcony outdoor faces the wind and rain often all the year, so the switch and  socket is very easy to become yellow and damage, at this moment, a waterproof box can protect it carefully.


Now we know the importance of the waterproof cover for our home,

but how to choose it ?

First of all, the waterproof cover is for the switch and socket waterproof design, its standard size is related with the size of the switch and socket. We have to choose the right size waterproof cover according to the specifications of the switch & socket. At present, the common size of the waterproof cover in the market is:

(1) Type 86: panel size 86mm*86mm, mounting holes space is 60mm.

(2) Type 118: panel size 118mm*75mm, mounting holes space is 83.5mm. There are also 154mm*75mm, 195mm*75mm, etc. The installation holes space is respectively 121mm and 160mm.

(3) Type 120: the panel size is 120mm*70mm, and mounting holes space is 83.5mm


We have to choose waterproof cover with good quality and also good credibility brand, such as Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd, with many years of experience for the production and research and development of switch and socket , the product visibility is high, adhere to the strict attitude to the production, product output quality is high, reliable.

Installation of the waterproof cover :

1. Put the waterproof cover between the mounting box and the frame of the switch and socket 

2. Use the switch and socket screws to fix it to the waterproof cover

3. Fix the switch socket cover to the frame

4. Installation finished


Although with the usual mediocre performance

Once you find it at the right time

You’ll know its importance in your life.

Such as the waterproof cover 

It is indispensable in your home!

--- END ---