In home decoration, which position should use double control or multi control switch most?

- Feb 15, 2021-

In home decoration, which position should use double control or multi control switch most?


Double control or multi control switch is widely used in the decoration now, usually is used in the living room, bedroom, stairwell, toilet and other places, especially the bedside position of the bedroom. It is very convenient to install double control, and you can also choose the specific suitable position according to your own living habits.


In the family, there are mainly the following positions where the dual control switch needs to be installed:

1. Bedroom lamp, it's better to set up double control at the head of bed and entrance;

2. For long channel light source, control switches shall be reserved at both ends of the channel;

3. Double control switches shall be installed at both ends of the stairs for the light source up and down the stairs and stairwell lighting.


Double control switch is a switch with two normally open and normally closed contacts (that is, a pair). Usually two double control switches are used to control a lamp or other electrical appliances, which means that there can be two switches to control the switch of lamps and other electrical appliances. For example, turn on the switch when you go downstairs and turn off the switch when you go upstairs.


The fluorescent switch can be used in the dark channel easily. Also suitable for double control of the place is the bedroom ceiling lamp, on the door and bedside double control is very convenient; duplex room upstairs, downstairs, stairwell can also consider double control, you can turn off the downstairs, or stairs of the lamp; master bedroom if there is a toilet, you can consider in the bedside double control, convenient to get up at night; There is in the bedroom, the living room between the installation of double control, directly in the bedroom switch living room lights.


Home decoration installation of double control or multi control switch, although it is convenient to use a lot, but there are many brands on the market, can't choose blindly, in the choice must choose high-quality can rest assured to use, and the best is to find professional installation personnel to install.