How unique of JUNON Black Titanium switch and socket

- May 27, 2020-

How unique of JUNON Black Titanium switch and socket

No matter in which era. Black, is always the popular fashion color. People are addicted to the mystery of deep black fashion.

With the Dark sea, quiet night sky. The vast universe, people are fascinated by it. Want to explore its unknown, In addition to mystery. Black also gives people a solemn and serious feeling.


With the straight black suit, black dress highlighting the lines. JUNON Black Titanium switch and socket also with its elegant mysterious black. Translucent smooth mirror, let people can’t put it down.

How unique of JUNON black titanium switch and socket

What is Black Titanium?

Black Titanium is a kind of stainless steel. It is made of precision alloy machine and covered with a layer of alloy material on the surface of titanium metal.

Bonded together she is as mysterious and elegant as a rose with the charm that people can't put it down.


The advantages of the new structure

1. All copper terminal block: full copper screw, super overcurrent capability, never rust, safe and durable

2. U-shaped terminal block: full copper terminal block, full copper screw, large space and effectively prevent the screw from loosening, improve the efficiency of installation

3. Integrated socket design: 0.6-0.7mm tin phosphor bronze to improve product safety and insertion force

4. Large clearance: large clearance of up to 5mm, effectively reducing the arc during the instant on-off process, further improving safety performance

Unusual material to highlight your unique decoration


JUNON’s black titanium switch and socket. Elegant, respectful, stylish identity