How to wire the fingernail switch?

- Sep 02, 2020-

How to wire the fingernail switch?

In the past, every household used the knife switch to control electrical equipment. Now with the advancement of technology, the shape of the switch is also evolving with the trend.

How to wire the fingernail switch 1


Although the ultra-large board switch is now the mainstream product, the fingernail switch is still popular in the decoration market as a classic with high cost performance.

Due to the difference in terminal identification between the fingernail switch and the big button switch, a small number of electricians are not very familiar with the wiring of the fingernail switch. Today, the editor will show the fingernail switch wiring teaching in the form of pictures and texts

First, let’s take a look at their logo differences

How to wire the fingernail switch 2


In fact, the wiring of the two switches is the same, and they must follow the "one in and one out" principle.


The fingernail switch only needs to take a live wire from the main power supply and connect it to any terminal, and then draw a live wire from the other terminal to connect to the controlled electrical equipment. Check whether the wire is loose and then connect the electricity to test.

How to wire the fingernail switch 3


The wiring method of the switch is similar. Different series but the same types of products are actually the same. Just like this fingernail switch, although the terminal identification is not as clear as other button switches, the truth is the same.

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After reading this tutorial on fingernail switch wiring, did you get it?