How to wire a telephone socket?

- Sep 13, 2020-

How to wire a telephone socket?


Below are seven instructions for your reference.

1. Master telephone sockets should be fitted by an authorised engineer.

2. You can use secondary sockets to add telephone extensions. These can be wired from a master socket or from an existing secondary socket up to a maximum of 5 extension sockets.

3. This socket requires a mounting box with a minimum depth of 25mm.

4. Connect the cables as shown in the wiring diagrams.

5. Connect the terminals using 4 core telephone cables. Connect terminals 2, 3,4 & 5 on the existing socket to terminals 2, 3, 4 & 5 on the new socket.

6. Use the same cable color for the same terminal on each socket the actual colors are not important. Position each wire as shown in the diagram leaving 12mm overhanging. Press the wire into the connector as shown below. Remove any excess wire.

7. If the socket has a metal front plate and is fitted with earth terminals, you must connect the earth terminal on the socket fo the earth terminal in the wall box.


If you have any doubts about above instructions, you should consult a qualified electrician.