How to select household leakage circuit breaker?

- Aug 04, 2019-

How to select household leakage circuit breaker?


Many people facing a problem of their own house, that is how to select the household leakage circuit breaker?


First of all, the size of the line is not the same as the leakage circuit breaker. No matter how large your home line is, it should be the power. This has nothing to do with the leakage. The leakage circuit breaker is the problem of protecting the electric shock. It has nothing to do with the load, that is, it has nothing to do with the size of the fuse. You can buy a set of breakers, the combination of the mini circuit breaker and the leakage circuit breaker, which will disconnect the circuit during the leakage protection, and after the failure is resolved and turned, you don't have to change the fuse.


Overloading, short-circuit, and overflow will also jump, disconnect the loop, after the failure can be eliminated and up, do not change the fuse, but it is recommended that you find an electrician to help you replace, do not pick up the wrong line, bring unnecessary trouble. The choice of leakage switches and air switches is not much of a requirement. Choose a good quality one. The regular manufacturer can produce it, but the air switch is best selected according to the load in your home. It's usually a little more than the maximum electricity load in your home, not too much.


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How to select household leakage circuit breaker