How to Protect the Wall Switch and Socket?

- Jul 24, 2020-

How to Protect the Wall Switch & Socket?  

Tips 1:.Do not turn on and off the switch repeatedly

When using the switch at ordinary times, we need to pay attention to one point, that is, do not turn on and off the switch repeatedly. Always turn on and off the switch is not good. The first is to waste power, and the second is to easily damage the switch. Some parts in the switch will be worn, so the use is not so flexible, so turn on the switch when necessary, do not turn off the switch repeatedly when not needed.


Tips 2: The steps for using the socket with switch

There is a kind of socket with switch. The correct way to use it is to insert the plug first, and then open the switch. When pulling out the plug, you need to turn it back, first close the switch, and then pull out the plug. This can reduce the damage to the copper strip.

Tips 3: Protection of switch and socket surface

Usually, switches and sockets also need to be protected. You can add some decorations around to protect them. In addition, for example, in the kitchen and bathroom, because there is more contact with water, it is better to add a waterproof cover outside the socket, which can also prevent water vapor.


Tips 4: The switch and socket can be cleaned with alcohol

When there is dirt on the switch and socket, the cleaning should be done carefully. Do not use clean water to clean them, even if the cloth is stained with clean water. It can be wiped with a dry cloth with a small amount of low concentration alcohol.

Tips 5: Key points of socket replacement

There are key points for socket replacement. Before socket replacement, cut off the power supply first, and then disassemble the socket. Use professional tools to remove the screws and the panel of the socket, and then replace it further. The following steps, such as wiring, installation and electricity test, need professional electricians to operate. You can't operate without experience. In addition, the replacement of switch also needs enough professional experience.

Tips 6: Switch and socket quality

When decorating, a lot of switches and sockets need to be purchased, so the quality requirements are also relatively high. It is better to purchase brand switches and sockets, so as to ensure the quality and after-sales service. It's better to find a brand store close to home, because it may need to be replenished during the installation process, which is also convenient for purchase.