How to prevent leakage protection during the use of distribution box

- Sep 19, 2018-

How is the leakage protection during the use of the distribution box? Everyone knows that during the use of the distribution box, the leakage protection measures should be done to avoid the electric shock caused by accidental leakage. It can respond quickly to the leakage accident and ensure the safety of use. Let us understand the use of the distribution box. Leakage protection in the middle.

In the home, the main switch usually has leakage protection, and the circuit also has a leakage protector. The starting point of this approach is for safety reasons. Attentive people will find that the rated operating current of these circuit breakers is 30mA. When the leakage reaches the operating current, no matter the size of the air opening, the tripping and power-off phenomenon will occur, and the safety of the electrical appliances and people will be protected.

Leakage protection is a safety technical measure to prevent electrical accidents by using leakage protection devices. The leakage protection device detects this abnormal current or abnormal abnormal voltage signal. After signal processing, the actuator is actuated, and the power supply is quickly cut off by means of the switchgear to implement leakage protection.

The leakage protection measures of the distribution box usually use a leakage protector, which is commonly known as a leakage switch. It is a grounding protection device. When the leakage current of the circuit or the electrical equipment is greater than the setting value of the device, or the human or animal is in danger of electric shock. When it can move quickly, cut off the power supply of the accident, avoid the expansion of accidents, and protect the safety of people and equipment.