How To Identify The Quality of The Copper?

- May 30, 2019-

How To Identify The Quality of The Copper?

How To Identify The Quality of The Copper

How To Identify The Quality of The Copper1

When we buy a wall switch socket for home, "safe and durable" is the first preferred standard. For the quality of the copper plate of the switch socket product, it directly affects its lifetime. So how do we identify the quality when we buy a switch socket?

1 Material:

Copper sheet material is the main factor determining the performance of copper sheet

Phosphorous copper is the best copper of second and brass the worst.

Due to the limitation of the oxidation resistance of pure copper

Now use copper alloy.

Copper cadmium alloy, copper nickel alloy, tin copper alloy.

The best performance at present is tin-phosphorus copper alloy.


2. Length:

In the case of the same material

The longer copper sheet is better

The length of the copper strip defines the size of the socket distance

The wider the jack spacing

The more convenient it is to insert two plugs and three plugs at the same time


3. Thickness:

The thicker the copper sheet, the elasticity is better

The socket lifetime is longer


4. Molding:

See if the copper sheet is formed at a time or not. The old design riveted copper sheet has obvious riveting points. And the copper sheet formed in a time has less resistance than the riveted one

The higher the safety factor, the higher conductivity


5. Contact method:

There are two main contact modes between the copper strip of the switch & socket and the conductive strip of the plug

1. Point contact and face contact

2. Point contact is easy to produce sparks

And the copper sheet is easier to loosen

Surface contact is much more conductive and safe than point contact

How to identify the quality of the switch socket copper? Have you learned?

I hope this article can help small partners in need.

Choose a satisfactory wall light switch socket.

Create a comfortable and comfortable home


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