How to identify genuine of JUNON switch & socket?

- Jul 17, 2019-

How to identify genuine of JUNON switch & socket?

Today JUNON switch & socket company teaches you how to distinguish:

1. We have to look at the full name of the company. We can't miss a little detail. The full name of our company is “Guangdong JUNON Songtian Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.”, and our company's outer packaging will specify the company address, telephone number, website address and after-sales hotline. It’s very professional. And those switch & socket of "xxx city JUNON" "JINNON xxx" is not our manufacturer, please pay attention.

How to identify genuine of switch & socket1

2. Our trademark is the   + JUNON, not the unknown LOGO, we only need to look at the helmet uncle, what a classic shape!

How to identify genuine of switch & socket2

3. Each of our products has a security QR code on the packaging bag, which can be scanned with the mobile phone WeChat. The successful scanning will display relevant information, which proves that this is the product of our JUNON Electrical Appliance [authentic].


JUNON switch & socket company here is still telling everyone, buy JUNON switch & socket must not be cheap, go to the regular hardware store to buy, follow our verification three steps to buy. In addition, online shopping should also be careful, not to go into the pit, sometimes look at the picture feels very similar, but the actual quality of the received product is not good, this situation often occurs, still pay attention to it better.


There are always people who want to imitate my face. Also imitate my outer packaging. But the quality is not imitated. Buy JUNON, look for the helmet uncle. JUNON is your family protection god. Look for JUNON authentic, buy high quality switch & socket.