How to Hire an Electrician

- Jan 29, 2021-

How to Hire an Electrician 

Do you know what you should know before hiring an electrician? You are responsible for all electrical faults and its repair. You need to hire an electrician for repair of electrical faults. The following check list should help you when hiring an electrician.

1.  There are usually two types of electrician one is who do repair work and the      other who do specialize new construction work and remodeling work. Repair      electricians are called for repairing simple electrical faults and second type of electrician are called for big projects. 

2. Contact at least two or three electrician of the nearest area because electrician working in same area is very helpful for repair work. 

3. Compare prices and work experience of electrician, remember a cheapest electrician may not be a good electrician. An experienced electrician even cost you little more but it saves your money later.    

4. Take references from neighbors and friends before hiring electrician even if the job is small. Also, share their experiences about repair work and electricians work skills.  

5. Check electrician’s work he had done in previous projects and confirm the quality of work. 

6. Contact retailers dealing in electrical appliances they can refer you a good one.  

7. Give preference to the skilled electrician even if his rates are somewhat high. 

8.Explain him the complete work before making agreement with him.  

9. Do      electrical work contract on labor rate avoid through rate contract, also      check their rate for different jobs and ask about the hourly rates for      repair work.   

10. Before starting electrical work, get an estimate of cost and estimated completion time. 

11. Before signing a contract, tell him for completion of work in time.   

12. Try to keep your payment schedule aligned with the pace of work.