How to handle the rust of distribution box bottom box?

- Oct 01, 2019-

How to handle the rust of distribution box bottom box?

Throw it away, of course, or sell it as scrap metal.

Once the bottom box is rusted, it loses its protective effect.

May cause safety leakage accident

It also shortens the life of the circuit breakers inside the box.

If you don't replace it in time, the consequences will be disastrous.

So what is the cause of the bottom box rust?

It is mainly divided into two parts: natural factors and realistic factors.

Because the distribution box is inside the wall or outside.

Back to the south wall wet easy to cause bottom box epidermis water

The electric box that is installed outdoors is often beaten by the wind and rain.

Easily damage to the skin of the bottom box

Causes the epidermis to fall off, oxidizes, rusts.

In addition to the above natural factors

There is also a root cause.

It's the dusting process in the production process.

If the powder process is not properly handled

Not only the appearance is uneven

It will also greatly shorten the service life of the bottom box.

Influencing brand image and product quality

In the past, distribution boxes were mostly sprayed manually.

It's prone to uneven dusting.

But with technology and growing demand

Distribution box pollination process gradually to automation

box painting 2

Like JUNON Electric's distribution box manufacturing base

Application of automated machines for dusting

Every tiny speck of powder

Can be evenly attached to the bottom box cold rolling board

And the thickness of the powder is accurate to 0.1 mm

Effective moisture protection

Reduce bottom box due to external factors

The phenomenon of rust penetration oxidation occurs

To prevent the box from deforming

Using a 1.0 mm thick cold rolling plate as a bottom box

Pressure-resistant, durable and cost-effective

box painting 1

Therefore, JUNON Electric's distribution box products

Adopt high quality plate to resist pressure

Use rigorous technology to prevent rust

Its anti-rust anti-moisture anti-deformation ability is beyond question

It's a favorite item for consumers.

Automatic powder coating process

It's an effective way to protect the distribution box.

box painting 4

It's the right thing to do to protect your family.

JUNON Distribution Box, your Mr. Box.