How to distinguish LED down light from LED spot light

- Oct 23, 2019-

How to distinguish LED down light from LED spot light


Many people think that LED tube lights and LED fire lights are all used for home lighting should belong to the same category of products, but they are not. We can usually distinguish between the application location and application effect of the two.

Method / step


1. First distinguish from the product performance above:

The LED tube lamp is a type of lighting lamp that is inserted into the ceiling to shoot down the light. It belongs to directional lighting lamps. Only its opposite can receive light. Its advantage is that it is more concentrated than ordinary lighting lamps and is usually used for ordinary lighting or auxiliary lighting. With the continuous development of LED technology, the service life of LED tube lamps can generally reach 50,000 or more.

2. LED lighting is generally embedded in a ceiling or wall. It is a highly concentrated lighting product that usually shines its light to a specified target location. Light is used to emphasize important places. Since the LED light will produce a higher temperature when working, it is imperative to select high-quality products when purchasing LED light, otherwise it will cause safety hazards. At present, LED lighting is mainly used for various commercial space lighting and building decoration lighting. At the same time, the light is also divided into low pressure and high pressure. It is recommended that consumers should choose low pressure light because the low pressure light has a relatively long life and high light efficiency. The light effect of the light lamp is generally determined by the power factor. The power factor of the good light lamp can reach 0.99, but the price is much more expensive.


3.Secondly, the location of the application is distinguished: Most of the LED tube lights are installed in the ceiling and require a ceiling above 150mm to be installed. Of course, there are also LED tube lights that are external. Generally choose to install LED tube lights in the position of no overhead lamp or chandelier, the light is slightly softer than the light. LED lamps can be divided into several categories: orbital, pin-hanging and inline. The lamp also has a transformer and no Transformer. It is embedded in the ceiling. LED lights are specifically displayed in key exposure locations such as: TV walls, logo backgrounds, and some important pendant accessories.