How to configure the distribution box? Did your electrician do it right?

- Feb 03, 2021-

How to configure the distribution box? Did your electrician do it right?


In modern life, most families have power distribution boxes for the safety of household electricity. So how should the distribution box be configured?


For example: three rooms, two halls, one kitchen and one bathroom, what should be the configuration?


General distribution box configuration:

Refrigerator, intelligent total circuit breaker, surge protective device, living room air conditioner, master bedroom air conditioner, secondary bedroom air conditioner, children's room air conditioner, kitchen, toilet, living room socket, bedroom socket and lamps. It can be divided into ten groups. Now I'll introduce why we need such classification one by one

Circuit breaker at home 1 

The circuit breaker of the refrigerator needs to be placed outside the main switch. The power of the refrigerator itself is not big, even if it is 10a, it is enough. But the refrigerator circuit breaker needs to be connected in parallel with the weak current box router and the intelligent air switch power supply, that is to say, it needs a long time to ensure the long-term power supply of the refrigerator and the indoor network. In this way, we can avoid the situation that the food in the refrigerator is rotten but we don't know it. When the network is powered on, the camera and indoor intrusion alarm device can work normally after the main switch is turned off.


Intelligent total air switch

Circuit Breaker 2

Also called intelligent circuit breaker, it can control the indoor circuit switch through the network, which is the reason why the network needs continuous power supply. Intelligent circuit breaker can be used in combination with intelligent gateway. Through mobile app, it can easily link home air conditioning, fresh air, water and electricity, intelligent door lock and other equipment to realize intelligent control of equipment, energy control and intelligent switching of home scenes, so as to ensure the safe use of electricity and meet the needs of smart home users. It can also provide more timely protection of excessive power consumption and early warning and alarm of electrical fire analysis, realize real-time collection of voltage, current, leakage current, temperature, power, power consumption and various power failure alarm information, and conduct statistical comparison and big data analysis through cloud platform. Users can also realize remote setting, query, remote control or timing switch circuit through PC or mobile app, and complete leakage protection function, automatic self-test and other functions, making the product safer, smarter and more energy-saving in the process of use. In short, if you go out, you can cut off the power supply of your home through your mobile phone to avoid fire and other accidents, so even if it is a little more expensive than the traditional air switch, you should also have one. General family use 63A is enough


Surge protection device

Surge protective device (SPD), also known as lightning arrester, is an electronic device that provides security protection for various electronic equipment, instruments and communication lines. When the electrical circuit or communication line suddenly produces peak current or voltage due to external interference, the surge protective device can conduct shunt in a very short time, mainly to ensure that the electrical appliances are not affected by the current.


If you buy an intelligent air switch with this function, you can not configure it. If you don't have this function, you can configure a 40A one.


Air switch of air conditioner

busbar options

Because the current of the air conditioner is very high when it is started. Although 16A is enough when the air conditioner is running, it is far more than 25A when it is started. If it shares an air switch with other electrical appliances, it is easy to cause voltage instability. If it is light, it will burn other electrical appliances. If it is heavy, it will catch fire. Generally, each air conditioner is divided into its own way.


Kitchen air switch

Kitchen circuit breaker should use high-power, because the basic high-power electrical appliances are used in the kitchen, the best configuration of 32A circuit breaker to use, the best use of kitchen socket with switch, avoid repeated plug.


Toilet circuit breaker

It is mainly determined according to the power of the electrical appliances used and the capacity of the matching line, such as: 2.5 square copper wire matching 16a, 4 square matching 25A, 6 square matching 32a, the residual current circuit breaker should be matched according to the power line.


Finally, in order to ensure safety, the toilet must be grounded. Many owners do not know what the toilet is used for, and they do not connect the water and electricity.


Socket air switch

The living room and the room socket are divided into two circuits. The living room can be equipped with a 20A air switch, and the room can be equipped with a 16A air switch


Lamp air switch

The air switch of lamps depends on the total power of your lamps. Generally speaking, 10a is enough


Bus bar

It's better to use bus bar for distribution box. The voltage and current borne by bus bar are larger and safer than those connected by wire.