How to choose CCT of lamp in different space?

- Apr 19, 2020-

How to choose CCT of lamp in different space?


1, what is CCT?

CCT is correlated color temperature; Mean the color of the light emitted by the illuminant. In the optical definition, the different colors of the standard blackbody surface at different temperatures are used as the corresponding colors. Therefore, the unit is k, which is independent of the luminous intensity of the light source.


The light source with different CCT looks different. For example, the light emitted by tungsten filament lamp is yellowish. Under the fluorescent lamp (4000K), it is white and yellow, while under the direct sunlight at noon, it is white and blue.

How to choose the CCT of lamp in different space


2, what is the impact of different CCTs on the environment?

The commonly used CCT is 3000k, that is, the CCT of ordinary incandescent lamp, which is characterized by the feeling that the light is warm, but not bright enough, suitable for local lighting such as bedroom bedside and wall lamp;


4000K is the CCT closest to the natural light, which is warm light. The light is warm and bright. It is suitable for the overall lighting design of the home;


6000K is white light, which is cold color light. It can make people concentrate. It is suitable for office, learning and other places.


Know these, when choosing lamps, just have basis.



3, How to choose CCT of different space light sources?

Bedroom - Suggested choice 3000K

Warm yellow light is suitable for local lighting in bedroom, making people feel warm and relaxed


Living room / dining room- Suggested choice 4000k

Warm white is suitable for living room or dining room to create a relaxed and bright atmosphere


Study - Suggested choice 6000K

Daylight color is suitable for study or work area, which is conducive to concentrated thinking