How to Choose A Good LED Lamp

- Aug 31, 2020-

How to Choose A Good LED Lamp


The quality of LED lamps mainly depends on several parameters, below 4 tips for you to choose a good LED lamp.


1) Light Decay, better LED lamps have a light decay of <30% before 25,000 hours; the main factors determining the light decay are the quality of the light source and the difference in the heat dissipation structure.


2) Light Efficiency, that is, the lumens per watt, the unit LM / W, he reflects the power saving performance of the lamps, the better the power saving lamps, the higher the light efficiency.


3) The light source is a high-power LED or a straw hat lamp or a piranha type LED; the LED lighting lamp uses a high-power LED as a light source, and the price is high; while the straw hat lamp or the piranha type LED price is very cheap, and is not suitable for lighting. The source of the luminaire.


4) Drive Power, good drive power can guarantee the life of the overall lamp, the theoretical life of LED is 100,000 hours and the life of the general drive power is less than 100,000 hours; in order to ensure the life of the overall lamp, the drive power is also a key link; On the one hand, the LED must be driven by a constant current. If a low-cost constant-voltage drive is used, the service life of the LED will be shortened.


How do ordinary consumers recognize the driving power of LEDs?

Look at a few parameters, light decay, lifetime, light efficiency, and warranty period. The quality of LED lamps produced by manufacturers who dare to provide long-term warranty