How to avoid UL trademark infringement?

- Jul 16, 2019-

How to avoid UL trademark infringement?

From the second half of 2018, the number of UL trademark infringement complaints has doubled, and some suppliers have even been penalized to close accounts. Suppliers who have not been authorized by the brand will stop the improper use of trademarks and modify the product information in time to avoid the relevant penalties for violations. Let me introduce you to the UL trademark related information and how to avoid this trademark infringement when publishing products. Today, JUNON switch & socket company teaches you how to avoid UL trademark infringement.


1. UL LLC mainly deals with trademarks:

1) Trademark (graphic)

2) Word mark: UL & Device

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The reference picture is as follows:

How to avoid UL trademark infringement1


2. The improper use of the UL trademark includes: without UL certification or licensing, describe the product obtained or passed UL certification at the time of publication; Or publish UL-certified certificates and other information in the shop. Interpretation of common UL infringement violations on the platform:

1) The product is not UL certified, describing that the product has obtained UL certificate or improperly used the owner's trademark information in product titles, attributes, etc.. Examples are as follows: 

2) Unauthorized use/display of UL registered trademarks (including, but not limited to, a common case)

3) The certificate shows:

  1. The certified company does not match the name of your registered company.

  2. The certified product model is inconsistent with the released product model.

  3. The type of product being certified is inconsistent with the type of product being released.

 How to avoid UL trademark infringement2

How to avoid UL trademark infringement3

3. The release of UL related product information notes:

a. Product information (ie the certification number, model, etc. of the certificate): The certified model should be consistent with the model shown on the product.

b. Certificate (consistent with the product certification number);

c. UL certificate holder: The name of the company registered with your company on the Ali platform is the same. If the company is inconsistent, it needs to provide the certificate of association and the certificate is stamped on the certificate.


Note: If the authorizer is a billing factory, you will need to provide the power of attorney and your purchase contract.


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