How to arrange the sockets in defferent rooms-- -Living Room

- Apr 23, 2019-

You will feel both happy and distressed about the decoration

There will be a lot of questions need to think deeply 

Money can't solve all the problems

Instead, we should follow the Party's ideological line to solve it.

Everything proceeds from reality


JUNON explain on this issue for you

How to arrange the sockets in the rooms

As the choice of socket has strong pertinence in living room.

So we need to make the plan what kind of equipment

We will use in advance .


What exactly do we need for our living room?

living room switch 



Two pcs two way switch for living room is needed it.

Why use two gang two way switch?

one switch for the ceiling lamp and wall lights in the living room.

Another for kitchen lights and exhaust fans

So the porch requires two switches at least.

"Lamp" is a necessary household item

It is essential that for home decoration

two gang two way switch for living room 


We have the rest on the Sofa

So near the sofa better to have the socket

Why install it like this?

Sometimes you lie on the sofa and play with the mobile phone

And the mobile phone is out of power and needs to be charged

These sockets are very important at this moment.

When installing sockets, you can choose the socket with USB

If you sometimes forget to bring a charger

Using data lines can also charge mobile phones directly.

This is convenient and hommization

Meeting the Needs of Modern People

Usually there is a telephone beside the sofa.

A telephone socket is also needed.

To ensure the normal use of the telephone


If you are bored sitting on the sofa

You will watch TV.


So in the home decoration

How many sockets do you need for

the location of the TV set?

At least four two pin and three pin sockets are required

Two one way socket for to TV and STB

Reserve two sockets for other devices

As TV belongs to a multimedia needs more.

These sockets are best placed

between the TV cabinet and the TV set.

One of them is for the TV and computer data socket.

To connect a TV and a router

Why do TV sets need two different sockets?

One is used to turn on the power supply

The other is used to connect the antenna to receive data

So TV is indispensable in any family.

It's a master of life and entertainment.

switch for living room 


In this wonderful time

How can we lack the air conditioning?

In Home Decoration

The socket of air conditioner is very special.

It's a 16A plug larger than an ordinary one.

Why more practical to use large plugs instead of ordinary one?

Because the power of air conditioning is larger

than that of ordinary electrical appliances.

Ordinary plugs do not meet the needs of air conditioning

So we need to use the 16A plug

And it can only be used alone



Based on the above conclusions

The living room needs at least 11 sockets or more.

According to the needs of different electrical appliances

And now you may have the question

you should ask which brand socket is better in this point

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