How much is the height of the switch socket reserved for home?

- Feb 12, 2021-

How much is the height of the switch socket reserved for home?


Switch socket is a necessary project for home water and electricity decoration. Many people often regret to say that the switch socket in their home is less installed, or the height is not suitable, which makes it inconvenient to use. So, today I will bring you a set of more comprehensive height specification of reserved socket, which may be of great help to you.


Installation height of switch socket

The lamp switch is 130-140cm away from the ground (135cm away from the bathroom and kitchen in general) and 15-20cm away from the door.

Living room:

1. There are no special requirements. Generally, the plug is 300 mm low (there are also 35 / 40 cm), and the additional socket should be the same as the original socket. The total electric box is 180cm.

2. The background wall socket is generally 20-25cm under the TV cabinet, and the hanging TV socket is 110cm.



1. Double control at the head of the bed, on the bedside table, above the ground, 60cm-80cm level with the socket.

2. Air conditioner socket 180-200cm.

3. The socket under the TV cabinet is 30cm, and the socket in the center of the TV is 110cm.

4. The socket on the computer and other tables is 30 or 100 cm.


1. The height of the mirror lamp is 190cm. The socket is 135cm equal to the switch.

2. The socket of washing machine is 100cm (40cm for concealed type) and the socket behind toilet is 30cm.

3. The socket of electric water heater is about 180-200cm



1. The countertop socket of the kitchen is 120-130cm away from the ground. It is recommended to install more kitchen sockets. Generally according to table 40 is appropriate

2. The outlet of the range hood is generally 220cm, whether European or Chinese.

3. The socket of gas water heater is generally 150cm above the ground, and the socket should be considered to be away from the smoking pipe.

4. For refrigerators and disinfection cabinets, the socket is generally 50cm

5. Kitchen treasure: About 50cm from the ground, it's best to put it in the cabinet next to the sink cabinet. Install anti splash box

6. It is better to put the natural gas alarm socket in 240cm. About 20cm from the top


The installation height of the above switch socket is for reference only. The actual installation height should be determined according to the furnishings of electrical appliances and furniture! Before the installation of water and electricity, the owner and the construction party need to discuss and make the relevant positioning scheme. It's best to make corresponding adjustment according to the height of the owners.