How important of waterproof cover for switch and socket

- Feb 07, 2021-

How important of waterproof cover for switch and socket

Waterproof box, as the name shows, is used for waterproof and dustproof, mainly used to prevent the water get into the box line, meters, instruments and affect its performance. Switch waterproof box is applied at kitchen, toilet and the balcony or the switch socket position near the ground.


The waterproof box is very importance for the bathroom, because after bathing, the water bead on the wall can flow in the switch and socket easily, not only affect its performance and service life, but also can cause electric shock accident, dangerous level: very high. So it's really necessary for the bathroom.


The Balcony outdoor faces the wind and rain often all the year, so the switch and  socket is very easy to become yellow and damage, at this moment, a waterproof box can protect it carefully.


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