How do we use electricity correctly?

- Jun 26, 2019-

How do we use electricity correctly?


Electric brings us to Bright, electric car brings us convenience. Someone once asked who on earth invented electricity? Electricity is a gift from the nature. Although electricity brings convenience to our life, but the same knife cuts bread and fingers. If we do not use electricity correctly, it may bring us endless disasters. So how do we use electricity correctly? Now JUNON switch and socket supplier teaches you.

1:No overload

The total current of equipment used in the home shall not exceed. Maximum current of the meter and power cord.

2. Installation protector

Household electricity needs to be installed and double function protector for overvoltage tripping and leakage tripping. Automatically cut off the power supply when there are accidents such as electric leakage and electric shock.

3.The electrical equipment housing shall be reliably grounded

In case of electrical equipment insulation breakdown, or shell live electric shock accident. Do not change the three-pin plug to be a two-pin plug.

4. Do not use the products without logo, without manufacture information

 (Such as without factory name and address)

Choose the technical quality that the home appliance country makes a manufacturer to produce to check eligible product. Never mind small things.

5. Electrical installation wiring to meet the requirements

As the principle, the "Live wire into the switch, neutral wire into the lamp"

The switch socket should also be equipped with a leakage switch device. Choose the right safety socket in different environment. Such as toilet and other damp places should use splash - proof socket, keep children safe from electric shock.

6. Do not touch the lamp holder, switch socket and electrical appliances with wet hands

Also teach children not to play with electrical equipment, do not stand on wet ground. Touch live equipment, or use a damp cloth to cover electrical household equipment.

How do we use electricity correctly1

7. Power off immediately if any abnormality is found

Abnormal voltage rise during equipment operation, or the use of electrical appliances abnormal. Such as: sound, smell, smoke, fire. Please cut off power immediately and check again.

How do we use electricity correctly3

8.Form good habits

Foster the good habits and customs. Turn off all electrical equipment before leaving, check electrical wiring regularly for completeness.

How do we use electricity correctly2

9.Heating appliances must be kept away from flammable goods

Prevent long time use or unattended, an accident caused the fire.

10.After the electrical appliances are used

The power plug should be pulled, do not tug on the wire when plugging in or out the power plug. In order to prevent wire insulation damage caused by electric shock. The insulation of the wire is peeling off, should change new line in time or wrap with insulating tape good.


Your handsome little butler reminds you, pay attention to the safety of domestic electricity. Life is precious, careful use of electricity. Safty home, need JUNON switch and socket.