How An Electrical Panel and Electrical Distribution Board Works?

- Aug 05, 2019-

How An Electrical Panel And Electrical Distribution Board Works

For those unfamiliar, an electrical panel is also called a distribution board (DB) box. In China, they are often located in a cupboard inside HDB flats.

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Most homeowners usually don’t give importance to knowing how an electrical panel works, but it is essential to know such things especially in the case of power failures and other electrical problems. Knowing about how a distribution box works will surely be beneficial to you as a homeowner one way or another.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

As mentioned earlier, an electrical panel is also called an electrical distribution board (DB) box. However, it is not uncommon for people to also refer to it as a breaker box. It is an enclosed steel box that basically houses various circuit breakers and other electrical components that maintain the power supply in your home. The circuit breaker is there to protect the electrical wiring of your home from short circuits or electrical surges that can eventually lead to a power failure when tripped. Each electrical switch box inherently comes with an electrical capacity load for handling specific usage requirements. In case you decide to increase the load capacity, then you should add some more breaker box to balance the rest already present in the electrical panel.

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Where Does Power Come From?

Different supply lines that are all connected to an electrical meter box ensures that electricity flows into your house. There is also an electric board that tracks the amount of electricity used each month. The supply lines are then linked to the distribution board. With this, electricity is controlled at the distribution board by a series of circuit breakers that eventually distributes power to your home.

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How An Electrical Panel Keeps You Safe And Secured?

When it comes to any kind of electrical work, whether it’s installation, repair, and replacement, always put your safety and security first. Housing estates in Singapore have their own standard requirements that should be closely followed. For instance, circuit breaker trips should be able to shut down the power supply during electrical problems like overloading in order to prevent fires. Additionally, wall outlets located in moist areas like kitchen and bathrooms should have ground fault circuit interrupters to effectively protect residents from electrical shocks by shutting down the electrical supply.

More About Electrical Panels

Apart from the circuit breaker, there are other types of electrical components and parts also present in an electrical panel. Some of these are switches, fuse links, bus bar, bypass equipment, as well as a residual current detector. A bypass equipment is considered to be an effective combination of special protection components that properly protect electrical connections from electrical problems like power overloading, short circuits, etc. On the other hand, the residual current detector is there to offer proper protection against ground fault shocks and fire.


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